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Twice per year the CRC organized minisymposia, typically in the summer in Bonn and in the winter in Kaiserslautern. Talks of PIs as well as external invited speaker serve as a platform for new ideas, discussions on common ideas and publications.

In addition lab tours, student talks and working groups are program points which are especially attrative for PhD students.

After the first symposium it was decided on popular demand to prolong the symposia to two days.

Bonn: 17. - 18.06.2019
Short presentations from all OSCAR projects


Kaiserslautern: 21. - 22.11.2018
Axel Pelster (TUK)
On the "Dirty Boson" problem


Introduction to open systems
(Michael Fleischhauer, TUK)

Floquet theory for quantum systems
Sebastian Eggert (TUK)


Bonn: 2. - 3.7.2018 
Sebastian Diehl (Univ. Cologne)
Quantum systems under srive: from micro- to macrophysics

Simon Stellmer (Uni Bonn)
From baryogenesis to telecommunication networks: a newly established quantum metrology group in Bonn

Martin Zwierlein (MIT)
Quantum transport in strongly interacting Fermi gases

Structure discussions


Kaiserslautern: 18.11.2017
Christof Weitenberg (Univ. Hamburg)
Topology and dynamics in driven hexagonal lattices

Dimitry Abanin (Univ. Geneva)
Many-body effects and new phases in Floquet systems

Introduction to the Floquet Picture
(Martin Holthaus, Univ. Oldenburg)

Student Working groups:
Floquet systems (Christoph Dauer)
How can students profit from OSCAR? (Lukas Wawer)


Bonn: 23.05.2017
Leonardo Fallani (LENS, Florence)
Ultracold gas experiments

Charles Bardyn (Univ. Geneva)
Topological protection in open systems

Felix van Oppen (FU Berlin)
Topological phases, superconductors and Majorana fermions

Lab Tour in Bonn


Kaiserslautern: 22.-23.11.2016
Tobias Donner (ETH, Zurich)
Quantum Crystals of Light and Matter

Michael Köhl (Uni Bonn)
Ultracold Fermions in Optical Lattices

Miguel Martin-Delgado (Univ. Madrid)
Modern Aspects of Quantum Physics adn Topology

Theory of open systems

(Michael Fleischhauer, TUK)

Working groups:
Digital light modulators (Herwig Ott, TUK)
Floquet theory for open systems (James Anglin, TUK)


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