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Area A

Research Area A: Few-body quantum systems and environments


A bottom-up approach is followed in research area A in which individual or few-body quantum systems coupled to tailored environments are investigated.
This includes the investigation of non-trivial reservoirs. Making use of the extremely high degree of control over internal and external dynamics and the full power of state detection techniques available for individual quantum optical systems, we aim at an in-depth understanding of the interplay of coherent control techniques and environmental couplings, as well as of reservoir mediated interactions between quantum systems.



A1: Ratschbacher / Meschede (BN)                                                                 
Controlled few-particle quantum states in an optical cavity QED system

A2: Meyer/Köhl (BN)
Remote entanglement by environment control in optical cavity arrays

A3: Linden (BN)
Plasmon mediated interaction of quantum emitters

A4: Widera / Schneider(KL)
Dynamical bath control with localized impurities in a fermionic quantum gas

A5: Eggert (KL)
Local driving and mediated correlations in interacting quantum baths

A6: Anglin (KL)
Bose-Hubbard chains as models for mesoscopic environments and systems


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