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Controlled few-particle quantum states in an optical cavity QED system

Lothar Ratschbacher & Dieter Meschede


The reliable generation of entanglement is considered essential for the realization of quantum-enabled technologies, and considerable efforts are invested worldwide towards this goal. In the past, entanglement protocols have focussed on strategies that manipulate a quantum system which is ideally completely isolated from its environment, with precisely applied external fields in order to achieve controlled unitary evolution from an initially separable into an entangled state.
In this project we want to experimentally implement a completely different route to realize entanglement in a well-controlled few-particle quantum system using the novel approach of open system engineering. Rather than completely suppressing or compensating all interactions with the environment, the couplings with a well-understood reservoir are employed to pump the quantum system into an entangled steady state. Specifically, we will implement dissipative entanglement preparation
protocols for ensembles of neutral atoms coupled to the single mode of an optical resonator.

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