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Plasmon mediated interaction of quantum emitters

Stefan Linden


Metal nanostructures possess the unique ability to confine electromagnetic energy in nanometric volumes by the resonant excitation of plasmon modes, i.e., coherent oscillations of the conduction electrons. The associated enhancement of the light intensity allows to amplify and control light matter interactions on the nanoscale.
In this proposed project, we will use hybrid nanostructures consisting of solid-state quantum emitters (semiconductor quantum dots or nanodiamonds with color centers) and metal nanostructures supporting localized or propagating plasmon modes as model system to study the coupling of small ensembles of quantum objects to a tailored electromagnetic environment. We will take advantage of the fact that the characteristics of a plasmon mode, i.e., its resonance frequency and its electromagnetic near-field distribution, can be tailored by choosing appropriate geometrical parameters for the metal nanostructure. The coupling strength between the quantum emitters and metal nanostructures will be controlled by their relative placement and separation. Plasmon modes often give rise to a significant enhancement of the electromagnetic local density of states. As a result, a quantum emitter
deposited in the vicinity of the metal nanostructure will preferentially interact with these plasmon modes. If several quantum emitters couple to the same plasmon mode, we anticipate man effective plasmon mediated interaction of the emitters.

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