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Local driving and mediated correlations in interacting quantum baths

Sebastian Eggert


Static impurities have long been studied in various environments, as source of disorder, as local probes and, with regard to the induction of new quantum effects. Recently, there is an increased interest in creating novel many-body states in open quantum systems by dynamic manipulations.
In Objective I: “Local driving” of this project we want to combine these two topics by studying a periodically driven impurity in an environment of bosons or fermions in one, two, or three dimensions in order to create dynamically induced tunable steady states. A time-dependent impurity allows a local energy exchange with the surrounding systems and therefore acts as a reservoir in its simplest form, which permits a systematic analysis of the resulting time- and space-dependence. Our objective is to determine the dynamically induced quantum steady state as a function of driving amplitude, frequency, and parameters in the gas phase (e.g. dimensionality, inter-
Objective II: “Mediated correlations” of this project is concerned with the bath-mediated interaction between two impurities with intrinsic degrees of freedom (pseudo-spins). The
generation of quantum entanglement over longer distances is of interest for quantum computing, but remains technologically challenging. In this project in order to gain a more fundamental understanding of the role of strong correlations, the bath will be chosen to be tunable interacting bosons or fermions in a one-dimensional lattice.

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