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The BEC-BCS crossover in a gas doped with controlled impurities

Artur Widera


This project will investigate the influence of externally controlled optical and atomic disorder onto a fermionic superfluid in the crossover from a molecular Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) to a Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS)-type superfluid in a Lithium quantum gas. Disorder is known to localize single-particle quantum states by random scattering events of the matter wave function, known as Anderson localization, but in interacting systems such localization has only recently been observed.
The BEC-BCS crossover allows to study fermionic superfluids comprised of either confined molecules or spatially extended Cooper-type pairs, where the effect of local disorder on the different regimes across the BEC-BCS crossover is expected to be different. A crucial aspect of this project will be how externally controlled noise and dissipation will re-enable transport and will allow to understand and to control the transport, dynamics and thermalization properties of the quantum system. These project-related scientific questions directly contribute to answering the central questions on which quantum states and their properties can be controlled by coupling to an environment.

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