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Area C

Research Area C: Exotic and robust quantum states in atomic and photonic systems

The main focus lies on the development of basic tools and methods to create topological order in atomic and photonic matter as an alternative approach to control and protect quantum states.

The main experimental focus will be on Floquet-topological systems, where topological order is induced by time-periodic driving. In addition theoretical work will focus on topology in systems coupled to Markovian reservoirs which will lay the ground for the ultimate goal for future funding periods, of combining topological protection with open-system control as developed in research areas A and B. Our goal is to elevate topological protection to a new level that includes robustness to losses and decoherence.




 C1: Fleischhauer (KL)
Topological phases, quantized transport and edge states in open lattice models

C2: Alberti / Meschede (BN)
Topological phases in discrete-time quantum walks 

C4: Kroha (BN)
Periodically driven many-body systems and topological stabilization of transport

C5: Weitz (BN)
Gauge fields and topological states with cold atoms in optical lattices 



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