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Quarterly Report

The quarterly report of the SFB contains brief summaries of selected SFB publications:

OSCAR Report, III. 2017 (D. Meschede)

OSCAR Report, IV. 2017 (M. Fleischhauer)

OSCAR Report, I. 2018 (S. Linden)

OSCAR Report, II. 2018 (J. Anglin)

OSCAR Report, III. 2018 (M. Köhl)

OSCAR Report, IV. 2018 (H. Ott)

OSCAR Report, I. 2019 (M. Weitz)

OSCAR Report, II. 2019 (I. Schneider)

OSCAR Report, III. 2019 (J. Kroha)


Focus Articles

Brennpunkt: Spuren im Gas
D. Meschede, Physik Journal, 16(8/9):24.


Publications of the Research Areas


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