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Quarterly Report

The quarterly report of the SFB contains brief summaries of selected SFB publications:

First Funding Period

OSCAR Report, III. 2017 (D. Meschede)

OSCAR Report, IV. 2017 (M. Fleischhauer)

OSCAR Report, I. 2018 (S. Linden)

OSCAR Report, II. 2018 (J. Anglin)

OSCAR Report, III. 2018 (M. Köhl)

OSCAR Report, IV. 2018 (H. Ott)

OSCAR Report, I. 2019 (M. Weitz)

OSCAR Report, II. 2019 (I. Schneider)

OSCAR Report, III. 2019 (J. Kroha)

OSCAR Report IV. 2019 (A. Widera)

OSCAR Report I. 2020 (F. Vewinger)

Second Funding Period

OSCAR Report III, 2020 (S. Eggert)

OSCAR Report IV, 2020 (J. Schmitt)

Focus Articles

Brennpunkt: Spuren im Gas
D. Meschede, Physik Journal, 16(8/9):24.

Ein einzelnes Atom als Quantensonde

Daniel Mayer, Felix Schmidt und Artur Widera, Physik in unserer Zeit 51, 111 (2020)

Many-Body Localized States Inch Toward Equilibrium

Maximilian Kiefer-Emmanouilidis, Razmik Unanyan, Michael Fleischhauer, and Jesko Sirker, Physics 13, s80

Physiker beobachten Wettkampf magnetischer Ordnungen

Marcell Gall*, Nicola Wurz*, Jens Samland, Chun Fai Chan, Michael Köhl: Competing magnetic orders in a bilayer Hubbard model with ultracold atoms. Nature, DOI: 10.1038/s41586-020-03058-x *Equal contribution

Publications of the Research Areas


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