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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 27 references in this bibliography folder.

Bürkle, R and Anglin, JR (2019).
Threshold coupling strength for equilibration between small systems
Phys. Rev. A, 99:063617.

Bürkle, R, Vardi, A, Cohen, D, and Anglin, JR (2019).
How to probe the microscopic onset of irreversibility with ultracold atoms
arXiv e-prints:arXiv:1903.04834.

Bürkle, R, Vardi, A, Cohen, D, and Anglin, JR (2019).
Hamiltonian Hysteresis and Chaos
arXiv e-prints:arXiv:1904.00474.

Bürkle, R, Vardi, A, Cohen, D, and Anglin, JR (2019).
Probabilistic Hysteresis in Integrable and Chaotic Isolated Hamiltonian Systems
Phys. Rev. Lett., 123:114101.

Fedorova, Z, Qiu, H, Linden, S, and Kroha, J (2019).
Topological transport quantization by dissipation in fast Thouless pumps
Miscellaneous publication.

Mayer, D, Schmidt, F, Haupt, S, Bouton, Q, Adam, D, Lausch, T, Lutz, E, and Widera, A (2019).
Using nonequilibrium thermodynamics to optimize the cooling of a dilute atomic gas
arXiv e-prints:arXiv:1901.06188.

Prämassing, M, Liebtrau, M, Schill, HJ, Irsen, S, and Linden, S (2019).
Interferometric near-field characterization of plasmonic slot waveguides in single- and poly-crystalline gold films
arXiv e-prints:arxiv:1907.06695.

Schmidt, F, Mayer, D, Bouton, Q, Adam, D, Lausch, T, Nettersheim, J, Tiemann, E, and Widera, A (2019).
Tailored Single-Atom Collisions at Ultralow Energies
Phys. Rev. Lett., 122:013401.

Schulz, A, Schneider, I, and Anglin, J (2019).
Decoherence of charge density waves in beam splitters for interacting quantum wires
arXiv e-prints:arXiv:1903.06431.

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Dynamic structure factor in impurity-doped spin chains
Phys. Rev. B, 98:020402.

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Quasi-steady radiation of sound from turbulent sonic ergoregions
New Journal of Physics, 20(8):083020.

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Correlated-photon-pair emission from a cw-pumped Fabry-Perot microcavity
Phys. Rev. A, 97:023822.

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Ground-state phase diagram of the frustrated spin-1/2 two-leg honeycomb ladder
Phys. Rev. B, 97:214433.

Mayer, D, Schmidt, F, Adam, D, Haupt, S, Koch, J, Lausch, T, Nettersheim, J, Bouton, Q, and Widera, A (2018).
Controlled doping of a bosonic quantum gas with single neutral atoms
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, 52(1):015301.

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Fluorescence enhancement by a dark plasmon mode
Applied Physics B, 124(5):83.

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Individual Tracer Atoms in an Ultracold Dilute Gas
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Transport through an AC-driven impurity: Fano interference and bound states in the continuum
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Perfect Spin Filter by Periodic Drive of a Ferromagnetic Quantum Barrier
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Bhattacherjee, AB, Sharma, D, and Pelster, A (2016).
Heisenberg Operator Approach for Spin Squeezing Dynamics
European Physical Journal D 71, 338/1-9 (2017).

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