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Bernier, J, Tan, R, Guo, C, Kollath, C, and Poletti, D (2020).
Melting of the critical behavior of a Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid under dephasing
arXiv e-prints:arXiv:2003.13809.

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Transition between dissipatively stabilized helical states
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Ultracold quantum wires with localized losses: Many-body quantum Zeno effect
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Simulating a Mott Insulator Using Attractive Interaction
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Theoretical methods to treat a single dissipative bosonic mode coupled globally to an interacting many body system
arXiv e-prints:arXiv:2004.11807.

Lienhard, V, Scholl, P, Weber, S, Barredo, D, de Léséleuc, S, Bai, R, Lang, N, Fleischhauer, M, Büchler, HP, Lahaye, T, and Browaeys, A (2020).
Realization of a Density-Dependent Peierls Phase in a Synthetic, Spin-Orbit Coupled Rydberg System
Phys. Rev. X, 10:021031.

Nagler, B, Radonjić, M, Barbosa, S, Koch, J, Pelster, A, and Widera, A (2020).
Cloud shape of a molecular Bose–Einstein condensate in a disordered trap: a case study of the dirty boson problem
New Journal of Physics, 22(3):033021.

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Dissipative generation of pure steady states and a gambler ruin problem
arXiv e-prints:arXiv:2003.12149.

Wolff, S, Sheikhan, A, and Kollath, C (2020).
Numerical evaluation of two-time correlation functions in open quantum systems with matrix product state methods: a comparison
arXiv e-prints:arXiv:2004.01133.

Wolff, S, Sheikhan, A, Diehl, S, and Kollath, C (2020).
Nonequilibrium metastable state in a chain of interacting spinless fermions with localized loss
Phys. Rev. B, 101:075139.

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Fluctuation-Induced Quantum Zeno Effect
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Cavity-induced spin-orbit coupling in an interacting boson wire
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Dissipative generation of highly entangled states of light and matter
arXiv preprint, 1909.07335v1.

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Dipole oscillations of fermionic superfluids along the BEC-BCS crossover in disordered potentials
(also mentioned in research area A) arXiv e-prints:arXiv:1911.05638.

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kramersmoyal: Kramers–Moyal coefficients for stochastic processes
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Dynamically enhanced unconventional superconducting correlations in a Hubbard ladder
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Cavity-induced superconducting and 4k_F charge-density-wave states
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Evolution of two-time correlations in dissipative quantum spin systems: aging and hierarchical dynamics
Phys. Rev. B, 100:165144.

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