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Christina Jörg, Fabian Letscher, Michael Fleischhauer, and Georg v Freymann (2017)

Dynamic defects in photonic Floquet topological insulators

New Journal of Physics, 19(8):083003.

<p>Edge modes in topological insulators are known to be robust against defects. We investigate if this also holds true when the defect is not static, but varies in time. We study the influence of defects with time-dependent coupling on the robustness of the transport along the edge in a Floquet system of helically curved waveguides. Waveguide arrays are fabricated via direct laser writing in a negative tone photoresist. We find that single dynamic defects do not destroy the chiral edge current, even when the temporal modulation is strong. Quantitative numerical simulation of the intensity in the bulk and edge waveguides confirms our observation.</p>

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